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Aspen Hill is the final resting place for beloved pets of all kinds. We provide burial and crematory services for those families who wish to keep the remains. Aspen Hill offers many different options to pet owners ranging from natural burial, crematory services, grave markers and keepsakes.

Mission Statement

At Aspen Hill we honor, remember, and celebrate the lives of your loved ones with our peaceful final resting place. With compassion and understanding, we strive to deliver the best products and services to pet owners during their time of loss.

About Aspen Hill

Our Facilities
Located conveniently close to major cities along the Pennsylvania-Ohio boarder, Aspen Hill is able to serve a large community. Our peaceful and tranquil location offers a final resting place for beloved pets as well as provide a calm and nurturing environment for grieving and healing.
Our Staff
Our owner and staff are companionate and understanding during your time of loss. We will work closely with you to make pre-arrangements and after life care decisions.
Our owner has personally owned and loved pets for over twenty five years and is dedicated to making sure your pets get the care they deserve.
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