“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.” – Vicki Harrison

Chance (Chancellor Dakota Oreo Double Stuff) Martin  5-22-09 - 4-17-20


There are no words to express how much you are loved and missed by all of us right now. Especially your special favorite girl.


You became part of the family the day your fur mommy gave birth to you on 5-22-09. You were a very special baby that we needed to keep you. It's hard to explain why you were special to us. You learned how to listen, to play, to protect yourself and us, and most of all how to love and you did just that. You gave us all lots of love. As you grew into our family your life shined with love and happiness. You always had a happy look on your face. We knew we made you a happy boy with our love and happiness, that we shined along with you. Remembering you will be through some memories.

Like the time your special favorite girl was sick, you laid beside her and pretending you were sick too. Daddy and I got the biggest kick out of that. We just smiled and laughed. You always lifted our spirits when we were down, sick or sad. Especially when we lost Shaggy. You gave us comfort and lots of love letting us know everything will be okay. Even your fur mommy who started to miss Shaggy so much, you brought her spirits up letting her know how much you needed her and so did we. You brought her back to
reality and you did that for all of us. We are going to miss all the things we did together. Especially the Holidays. It won't be or feel the same without you. Just know how much we all loved you. In the 11 years we had together, the love, happiness you gave all of us.


You will never, ever be forgotten. You are so loved and missed by everyone who loves you, especially you special favorite girl. She will never forget you. She loved you so much and misses you so. You are so loved and will be sadly missed by all of us.


R.I.P. our precious baby boy Chance. You were our baby Boo. Our easiest hello but our hardest good-bye. You will never be forgotten. God got a good Angel when he took you on 4-17-20. You maybe gone but you will live in our hearts forever. You left your paw prints on all of our hearts. We love and miss you so much buddy. Run free with Shaggy at the Rainbow Bridge.

C. martin.jpg


Othello was born September 22, 2018.  He was a sweet, social, playful boy, who was so loved by his human owner, Anthony. 


Othello also adored  Anthony.  He was always very happy and funny to watch play, and will be missed forever.


His animal family members – Mr. Kitty, Batgirl, Pino, and Kristoff will also miss him greatly.  They have been looking for him and wondering where he went.  He was too young to die – only six months old, but F.I.P. took his life and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to eternity.

We know that Jesus has a nice place in heaven where he went.


We will love and miss you forever, sweet Othello.


Until we meet again,


The Marini Family

Shaggy Martin (Sir Shagward Osborn Martin) 4-17-06 - 1-12-18


There are no words to express how much you are loved and sadly missed by all of us. 


You became a part of our family the day we rescued you and brought you into our home. We never knew how much a dog could give so much love and compassion until you became a part of our family in 2007. You learned how to trust again after everything you had been through. We never gave up and you never gave up. We worked together and became one happy family. You brought us so much love and happiness into our lives. We gave you so much love but in return you gave more back to us.


You are the best dog anyone could ask for. We are going to miss everything we did together especially Daddy with the walks you two went on and how you gracefully walked with him, saying “look at me how happy I can be, just Daddy and me”.


In the 10 1/2 years we had together, the love and happiness you gave will never be forgotten. You are so loved and missed by everyone who loved you. You were our easiest hello but our hardest good bye.


R.I.P. our precious boy Shaggy. You may be gone but you will live in our hearts forever.

Arrow Dilley  5-15-2005  -  10-17-2017


There are no words to express how much you meant to us and how much your passing has left a big void in our lives.  You were the best dog and companion a family could ever ask for.  You made our lives happy and complete.  Life without you is so sad and empty.  You were loved and cherished by your human and doggie family.


We will miss you spinning around in circles and doing “couch laps” when you were excited and happy.  We will miss you bouncing the ball off your nose and fetching tennis balls.  We will miss everything about you.  You gave us so many happy memories.  Our lives were blessed to have you in them.


We love you Arrow and always will. 

Lilly John 8/14/2005-8/2/2017

Lilly was a member of the John's family for twelve years. She was a beloved daughter, sister and mother to her four and two legged friends. We will always remember the laughter and smiles you brought into our lives.

Gone, but never forgotten.

We love you Lilly,

The John Family.

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